Iberdrola México signs decalogue to promote diversity and inclusion

  • The company is holding its first Diversity and Inclusion Week from July 11 to 15 with workshops and conferences.
  • The Decalogue includes a series of measures to promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

Monterrey, July 11, 2022. – On the inaugural day of its first Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Week – Monday – Iberdrola Mexico signed a decalogue of commitments to move forward as an increasingly diverse and inclusive company that promotes the well-being of workers and positions the company as a benchmark in the sector in this area.

“At Iberdrola México we consider diversity and inclusion a strategic priority to improve as an organization, recruit talent and achieve sustainable growth for the company in the long term. We are aware of the challenge ahead of us and today we celebrate the signing of this decalogue of commitments that will mark the beginning of a new phase of greater well-being for our employees and their families,” said Enrique Alba, the CEO of Iberdrola México.

At an event in Monterrey, which could be followed via streaming, Enrique Alba signed the decalogue which includes, among other measures, the preparation of a census on diversity and inclusion in the workforce to identify minorities, the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the training of company leaders in this area and increasing maternity and paternity leave beyond the timeframes set by law.

The decalogue also includes a 10% increase in investment in volunteer activities focused on diversity and inclusion, the formulation of a protocol for dealing with cases of sexual harassment or abuse, and the creation of a program to empower women in the communities where Iberdrola México has a presence.

According to a recent report by the International Labor Organization (ILO) – which interviewed more than 12,000 employees in 75 countries – only one-third of companies measure inclusion.


Iberdrola México is holding its first Diversity and Inclusion Week from July 11 to 15 with a very broad agenda that, in addition to the decalogue signed today, includes a talk on the presence of women in the energy industry and conferences on sexist practices in the workplace, the LGBT community and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

In the course of the week, a guide on diversity, equality and inclusion will be distributed to staff, and the winners of a contest among staff members will be announced to choose three NGOs working in the fields of gender equality, people with disabilities and sexual diversity, with the aim of working with them to implement volunteer activities.

“Currently, 20.4% of Iberdrola México’s nearly 1,300 employees are women. And even though the percentage has been increasing year by year, there is still a long way to go. In addition to the challenges regarding equality, there are others such as achieving full inclusion of all people regardless of their ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or abilities,” explained Erika Elizondo, head of Economic Management and Human Resources Processes at the company.

According to the ILO, one in four people does not feel “valued” at work, and those who feel included hold higher positions. This means that minorities are very often excluded from leadership positions.

“Mexico is a country with a rich diversity where, for example, an estimated one in twenty people belong to the LGBTIQ+ community. A company cannot and should not be out of step with society. And that is why Iberdrola México is striving every day to break down barriers and raise awareness among its workforce, suppliers, customers and all its stakeholders,” concluded Paola Martínez, Director of Communications and Social Responsibility.

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