Casa Abierta

Iberdrola México recognizes three women in the Huasteca Potosina for promoting change in their communities

  • The contribution of three winners in the Environment, Social, and Health and Sports fields was emphasized.
  • This recognition is part of the Casa Abierta program that brings the company closer to the communities where it operates.

Tamazunchale, March 24, 2023.- As part of the Casa Abierta (Open House), Iberdrola México recognized three women in the Huasteca Potosina for their outstanding academic training and their participation in different initiatives for the community’s benefit in the Health and Sports, Environmental and Social  areas.

“It is a duty for Iberdrola México to drive local talent’s development and promote women’s empowerment in the communities where it has a presence. We are proud to recognize the three winners of the second edition Women with Energy. Their achievements are an example for many more young people to pursue their dreams,” said Manuel Argüelles, manager of Iberdrola México in Tamazunchale.

In this edition, the winners were Yoana Mateo in the Environment category;  María Dolores Saavedra in the Social category; and Elvira Prezas Ramírez in Health and Sports.

 Yoana Ignacia Mateo Hernández is an Environmental Engineer from the  Tecnológico de Tamazunchale and represented San Luis Potosí, Mexico and Latin America at  ExpoSciences Europe 2022 with a project called “Eco-lution”, which consists of a substance -created  by her and her team- which removes ink printed on canvas so that it can be reused in a new print.

“I am honored to receive this recognition that drives me to continue researching in favor of the environment. There are extraordinary women in the  Huasteca and I humbly hope to be an inspiration for more women to study scientific and technological careers”, the young woman said during the presentation of these awards at the facilities of  Iberdrola México in Tamazunchale.

 Ma. Dolores Saavedra Leos is a Chemical Engineer from the UASLP,  with a PhD in Biology and Technology from the University of Murcia (Spain). She has been a research professor for 10 years at the  UASL Campus Tamazunchale. She has a project to disseminate science among children, seeking to eliminate child abuse.

 Elvira Prezas Ramírez is a surgeon and obstetrician who has stood out for her strong ethic and service spirit. She has acted as chairperson of the DIF subcommittee and physician in charge of the Rural Medical Unit of El Hulero. At present, she is the director of the High School Community Center “Leona Vicario” and director of the Municipal Health Department.


 Women with Energy – the name of this award-  was first presented in 2022 with the recognition of five women: three of them in the Huasteca Potosina and two in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in Oaxaca.

In the Huasteca Potosina, the student Irantza Goytia was recognized for a project that used oil produced by orange peel to create a product that degrades Styrofoam.

Also, Pilar Suárez, with a degree in Physical Electronics and 30 years of experience as a teacher promoting women’s inclusion in STEM programs (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) was recognized, as well as Francisca Zumaya, who has a master’s degree in administration by the UASLP and received an award for her research in technological innovation and support of the students in the region.

These awards are presented within the Casa Abierta (Open House) program, which -as its name implies- is designed to open the doors of Iberdrola México’s power plants to carry out activities aimed at strengthening ties with the communities where we operate.

With these actions, Iberdrola México reinforces its commitment to Tamazunchale and the surrounding communities, where it has implemented several social projects to contribute to the development of the Huasteca Potosina Sur, where it has an installed capacity of 1,694 MW.

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