Generational diversity, a value at Iberdrola México

Generational diversity has become a pillar prioritized by companies in their staff, due to the need to strengthen diversity and inclusion values, which reflect the plurality of today’s world and focus attention on the advantages provided by the experience of each employee to the value chain of their sector. According to Deloitte, 60% of organizations assert that multigenerational work is critical to succeed in the short run (12 to 18 months).

Moreover, generational diversity was the response to the battle represented by the prejudices about older employees, including:


Obsolete skills


Health problems


Less flexibility for challenges


They do not fit in with younger coworkers


Slow executions

What do we do to foster generational diversity?

At Iberdrola México we have set in motion concrete actions including staff workshops, conferences, webinars, and training, to avoid biases and prejudices and consolidate diversity and inclusion as core values in our organization.

In addition to the foregoing, we recognize the importance of modifying recruiting, talent management, and retention strategies to be able to manage the four generations currently in our workplaces: Baby boomers (1946-1964), characterized by their competitiveness and loyalty to the company; members of Generation X (1965 -1980), the main characteristics of whom are their work-life balance and flexibility; Millennials (1981-2000), open people constantly looking for growth; and Generation Z, who are usually digital natives with a thirst for entrepreneurship.

Indeed, there is much work to do on generational diversity. However, we do hold in our hands the possibility of growing and simultaneously integrating the skills and experience of older employees and new hires.

 Progress in Diversity and Inclusion

In 2022, the management team of  Iberdrola México signed the Decalogue of Diversity and Inclusion, whereby we set ten commitments to move ahead with this matter, most of which have already come true, such as a D&I area, an improvement of maternity and paternity leaves for the Iberdrola People, an increase in volunteering activities focused on D&I, as well as the setting up of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

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