Iberdrola México celebrates a successful innovation week

  • Enrique Alba, CEO of Iberdrola México, emphasized that innovation is a key pillar to the company’s growth.
  • Professionals from various sectors gave talks on social, financial, inclusive and digital innovation.

Mexico City, April 24, 2023.- The energy company Iberdrola México held its first Innovation Week from April 18 to 21 with four open lectures for the staff to value the importance of an innovation culture that allows continuous improvement.

“Innovation is fully intrinsic to the business of Iberdrola México and for more than 20 years we have been working on a constant update to offer our customers the most advanced renewable generation technologies and decarbonization solutions and, furthermore, to make our processes more efficient to provide them with the best service. Innovation, continuous training and the talent of our staff is essential to our company’s success”, said Enrique Alba, CEO of Iberdrola México.

The Innovation Week -which culminated on the World Creativity and Innovation Day- involved four virtual lecture presentations open to more than 1,300 company’s employees.

Lectures were given by Roberto Martínez, creator of digital content; Evelyn Loredo, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultant; Alma Ramírez, co-founder and director of the social innovation firm Unboxed; and Moris Dieck, business strategist and financial consultant.

During the closing session, the Bajío Cogeneration Power Plant received an award for its operational excellence and innovative practices.


The four talks had a common denominator: without innovation, there is no sustainable growth or development with values in companies.

“There are two ways to face the new technological landscape: with fear and anchored in what we are, or with receptivity and openness, understanding that change will always be there. Staying in a process of continuous improvement is the best way to shield yourself against technological obsolescence”, stressed influencer Roberto Martínez.

Meanwhile, consultant Evelyn Loredo defined the concept of “inclusive innovation” as the process “through which organizations design high-quality products, services and ideas that are useful to many more people”.

In the talk on social innovation, Alma Ramírez from Unboxed described actions in favor of the fight against climate change and to eradicate existing social inequalities as  “great opportunities” for companies in this area. For example, with decent and inclusive job offers.

The renowned consultant Moris Dieck stressed the importance of “financial education” and having “goals” in this regard and emphasized that in every decision there must be a “financial foundation” and the “opportunity cost” of each action must be analyzed, without forgetting the “long term”.

In addition to continuous improvement in its technological processes and operational efficiency, Iberdrola México promotes a culture of innovation with programs such as Generators 2023, which allows to register employee initiatives to develop projects that provide benefits to the areas, or Ideas in Action, a contest of good practices and process improvement.

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