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Iberdrola México recognizes three women for their positive impact on Oaxaca

  • The three winners stand out for their contributions in the environmental, social, and health and sports fields.

Juchitán, March 31, 2023.- As part of the Casa Abierta (Open House) program, Iberdrola México recognized three women from the Istmo de Tehuantepec for their  outstanding academic training and participation in several initiatives that benefit the community in terms of health and sports, the environment and the social field.

“At Iberdrola México we are committed to promoting women’s empowerment, while boosting local  talent. With Casa Abierta, we open the doors of our facilities in Juchitán to recognize for the second time Women with Energy, whose actions have a positive impact on their communities and are a source of pride for the Isthmus”, said Álvaro Velázquez, Asset Management Coordinator at Iberdrola México.

In this edition, the winners were Milady Cabrera Martínez in the Environment category;  Zoraida Regalado Santiago in the Social field, and  Xhunashi Guadalupe Caballero Santiago in Health and Sports.

 Milady Cabrera Martínez studied Electromechanical Engineering with a major in Renewable Energies at the Technological Institute of the Isthmus. She decided to learn leatherwork to keep this craft alive; she makes huaraches and  leather accessories. At 17, she started to learn her father’s craft, who is an elementary school teacher as well as a master-craftsman. She is leader of the LPI (Leather Washers of the Isthmus) project, which is focused on the rescue and conservation of vegetable tanned leather, with which she intends to create a vegetable tanned leather washer with a lower environmental impact on leather tanning, washing and dyeing.

“This recognition is an incentive to continue doing what I like: working to create new needs in favor of the environment, while keeping alive my family’s and my country’s craft. Also, I am proud that more women in Oaxaca continue to be an inspiration and provide their knowledge and skills for the benefit of people in their states”, Milady contended during the presentation at the facilities of Iberdrola México in Juchitán.

 Zoraida Regalado Santiago is a craftswoman who deals with the production of regional costumes and promotes the rescue of the Zapotec. She also provides embroidery workshops using the old thin needle and stitch technique for women in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. She took part in Bruno Bichir’s documentary series “Yo solo sé que no he cenado” and designed the costumes for the theatre play “Resplandor del Istmo”  by Patricia López. She has performed works for the Alfredo Harp Helú Foundation and for painter José Esteban Martínez.

 Xhunashi Guadalupe Caballero Santiago is a Mexican karateka who studied Physical Education at the  Escuela Superior de Educación Física (ESEF) in Mexico City. She won the bronze medal in karate at the 2019 Pan American Games  in Lima, Peru. Xhunashi recently succeeded in qualifying for the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games that will be held in San Salvador, where she will represent Mexico for the third time after her participation in Veracruz 2014 and Barranquilla 2018.


Women with Energy – the name of this award – was first presented in 2022 with the recognition of five women: three of them in the Huasteca Potosina and two in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in Oaxaca.

Clarissa Pineda was recognized in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec for her community work following the 2017 earthquakes in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec; she was also actively  involved in various health initiatives for her school,  Colegio Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica (National Professional Technical Education College) (CONALEP) 243.

Monserrat Rasgado also received an award; she had an outstanding participation at the   International Petroleum Technology Conference 2022, in Saudi Arabia.

These recognitions are presented within the Casa Abierta program, which -as its name implies- is designed to open the doors of Iberdrola México’s power plants to carry out activities aimed at strengthening ties with the communities where we operate.

With these actions, Iberdrola México reinforces its commitment to Oaxaca, where it has implemented several social projects to contribute to the development of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, where it has an installed capacity of 301 MW.

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