CP Bots: a bet on robotics and learning!

Perhaps you have not yet realized that today’s world lives with thousands of robots in the streets, which, one way or another, are transforming our lives, from the simplest to the most complex.

Can you imagine how is the creative and development process to assemble a robot? Certainly, the formation of multidiscipline teams is indispensable therefor, because with the specialized skills of professionals in different study areas feats can be accomplished by creating a robot.

 What is CP-Bots?

CP-Bots is a robotics team born at CBTIS 159, located in Coahuila. It is made up of students from different specialties, including Industrial Mechanics, Electronics, Programming, Accounting and  Office Automation. Thanks to teamwork and its members’ talent, they have participated in competitions at a national and an international level, with the purpose always that their technological projects will benefit the community where they live  (La Laguna), mainly in the field of education.

Furthermore, they are looking for more young people to get to know their work in terms of robotics and join them in creating new technologies and solutions. This is a major task taking into account that this career is considered as one with the biggest growth in the next few years.

To achieve this goal, the young members of  CP-Bots have built partnerships with  associations and organizations  to promote  knowledge and learning among  basic and upper-middle level students.

Iberdrola México has been working for some time on this process,  providing mentoring, experience and materials to promote their development and bring them closer to the labor market.

The La Laguna region has the opportunity to transform positively, and this group of students is crucial to this end. We invite you to take the opportunity to go into this field that has plenty of room to grow.

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