Energy = (Innovation + Creativity) x Technology

Innovation is essential to keep a competitive advantage in any sector in the industry; you should go hand in hand with technology, fostering creative ideas within the organization, which will result in new products and thus in process efficiency that will allow us to suit the needs of companies that contract our services.

We can explain how these three elements -innovation, creativity and technology- converge in Iberdrola México. We make ideas happen and find concrete and marketable solutions from innovation, while the creativity of our Iberdrola People, who day after day use technology to continue developing their capabilities and reach solutions that allow us to be a benchmark in the sector, is the engine to tackle challenges.

How does Iberdrola México contribute to innovation in the energy industry?

Since 2020, the priority of 75% of global companies is the implementation of IT-related initiatives[1], leading to different areas to look for efficiency from innovation. Iberdrola México is part of this figure and has considered three pillars in its Strategic Innovation Plan, which are the basis of such strategy:



We work to offer proper conditions to awaken the desire to innovate among the staff through training, communication, intrinsic motivation, and recognition.

Continuous Improvement

Our processes focused on operational efficiency and digitalization are constantly reviewed to find improvement areas.


With the aid of our strategic partners, we develop research and development projects (R&D&I) as support for master’s degree dissertations, research projects with universities, and social innovation, supporting social entrepreneurs in terms of decarbonization, equity and inclusion, and empowerment of Indigenous women.

Innovation with a purpose

Being a company that looks for innovation has become a responsibility, not only from the technological point of view, but also with the purpose of looking outwards and understanding how new generations seek sustainable living and working models. This has led us to look for and promote partnerships in pursuit of social projects that will find a solution to problems on the basis of novel ideas, such as the Síkuli program, through which we will support 12 projects designed to make a positive change in ecosystems and communities in Mexico.

Our commitment to contribute to the environment is another engine for innovation, therefore, we have developed projects that add to decarbonization in our power generation model; for example,  implementation of renewable and sustainable solutions (Smart Solar), sustainable mobility studies, reuse of solar panels, among others. Certainly, innovation is the tool for adapting to changes, since new ideas to provide creative solutions that suit the company’s business plan arise therefrom.

For this reason and more, creativity and innovation are part of the energy sector. Now, with the collaboration of the Innovation Department, received ideas may be recorded and success stories of accepted proposals may be measured. Hence the importance of fostering the engagement of Iberdrola People, who contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of internal processes that will have a clear impact externally.

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