17 years of energy for the Laguna Region

In 2022, the combined cycle power plant La Laguna II celebrates 17 years providing energy for 70% of the Laguna Region. Located in the municipality of Gómez Palacio, in the state of Durango, it is an example of responsible and efficient operation as well as every one of the 13 Iberdrola México’s power plants in the country.

Life in La Laguna II

“La Laguna II is reliable for the domestic electric system for its voltage regulation capacity, which is less likely to leave our customers without electricity”, said Luis Pulido, Head of Energy Production and Efficiency at the power plant.

During these 17 years, our work has gone beyond the power plant’s limits, since environmental initiatives have been promoted to reduce the operation’s impact; e.g., the conservation project of the Fernández Canyon, focused on the protection of this state farm and the thousands of vegetable and animal species living therein, including the millennial trees known as sabino trees.  

Iberdrola México takes care of the residents and employees in the region as much as it cares for the environment. “Since the company arrived in La Laguna, its actions have become joint work with the communities”, María Rosa Vázquez, administrative assistant at the power plant, contended. She added that being part of this plant’s team is gratifying because of the work environment prevailing in this place.

Furthermore, María Rosa told us about the company’s social projects like Educación con Energía (Education with Energy), a program focused on elementary students, parents and teachers, whose purpose is to improve their social and school performance through workshops. There are also initiatives focused on improving infrastructure in certain schools in the community designed to offer decent facilities for students.

She recalled, as well, the volunteering days in which the participants, either in person or virtually, carry out recreational activities together with older adults and children with conditions like cancer or Down syndrome.

Efficient power generation

Solutions with a lower environmental impact are required in view of the current climate situation. Combined cycle power plants are an eco-friendlier option because they use natural gas as fuel – a cleaner resource compared with energies such as fuel oil, diesel and carbon. Furthermore, technology implemented in turbines improves the use of resources.

It should be mentioned that during power generation natural resources are reused, e.g., water treated at the power plant is fully used. Additionally, gas pipes have been modified to optimize the use of this resource achieving an enhanced energy efficiency.

Since 2005, work on La Laguna II goes beyond power generation, seeking to be respectful of communities and the environment, thereby attaining a responsible operation, but mainly distinguishing itself by having committed people willing to teamwork to ensure continuous supply. Happy 17 years!!


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