Program Games, Values, Action!

Games, Values, Action! a fun lesson in fair play

According to the NGO, Transparency International, in 2019 Mexico was still the country with the lowest score in corruption management in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

As a result, with the aim of raising awareness among children about the importance of fair play and encouraging their critical, empathetic and creative participation in the resolution of local issues related to the culture of legality, the Compliance department of Iberdrola Mexico and the association Educación para Compartir (Education for Sharing) have pooled forces to deliver the program Games, Values, Action!

The project workshops are provided to primary school pupils and feature activities related to fair play, empathy, respect, gender equality, tolerance, teamwork and responsibility.

Furthermore, parents and teachers from the schools also participate in these dynamics, so that together they can resolve local problems related to the culture of legality in a critical, empathetic, and creative way.

At the beginning of 2021, the program kicked off in fourteen public schools in the cities of Cuyoaco, Puebla, Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosi and Altamira, in Tamaulipas, benefiting more than 2,600 students from 14 schools, who took the workshops online because of the pandemic.

The results of this program were very positive. Following its implementation, teachers noticed that their students were starting to respect rules and learning about values, were more honest and argued less, with friendly dialogue being encouraged among them.

«It is important to teach them values and to respect the law from an early age. If we respect the law, we are acting lawfully. If we teach our children – and we can take the pupils as our children every time we enter the classroom – we can teach them right from wrong, what is legal and what is illegal (…) teaching the culture of legality should start at home».

5th grade teacher, Emilio Carranza School, Cuyoaco, Puebla.

Games, Values, Action! lines up with the following Sustainable Development Goals: 4, quality Education; 10, reducing inequalities; 16, peace, justice and strong institutions; and 17, partnerships for the goals.

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