Women in action

Three out of 10 executive positions in the energy sector worldwide are held by women[1]. At Iberdrola México we are convinced of the need to work towards exceeding such figure, since skills and professions are not related to the gender, and we are very proud to learn that the company’s daily operation is in the hands of committed professional women.

At the company we have multiple female employees who perform various functions, as is the case of Marcela Martínez, chemical engineer, and Selene, the first female turbine inspector  in the group. These stories encourage us to work on gender equity, so that every female employee may reach her full potential and fulfill her professional goals, thus boosting the presence of women in the sector.

In 2022, female engineers of Iberdrola México and supplier companies were involved in the general maintenance of our combined cycle power plant in Tamazunchale. We invite you to learn about the process and how talented Mexican female engineers contributed to it.

[1] El Financiero, Mujeres dirigen destino energético de México y EU… pero solo 3 de cada 10 lo hacen en el mundo. (Women lead the destiny of energy in Mexico and the US … but this figure comes to only 3 out of 10  women worldwide). Available at: https://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/economia/2022/01/22/mujeres-dirigen-destino-energetico-de-mexico-y-eu-pero-solo-3-de-cada-10-lo-hacen-en-el-mundo/

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