Why are diversity and inclusion important for Iberdrola México?

In the last few years we, as a society, have made great progress in diversity and inclusion topics while at the same time we have had many opportunities to improve. At Iberdrola México we intend to play a more active role in social issues, both with our employees and with key players including customers, suppliers and communities, because we are certain that better solutions to combat inequality can be achieved by pooling the views of governments, businesses and organizations.

But what do diversity and inclusion mean? First, diversity refers to the set of characteristics that make us unique and singular, including visible and invisible variables such as age, gender, culture, disability, styles of thought or experiences. In other words, all the wealth contributed by the variety of humans.

Inclusion, on the other hand, refers to how differences among individuals are valued and opportunities are created for everyone to realize their full potential.

“Diversity is to be invited to a party. Inclusion is to be asked for a dance,” said Verna Myers, diversity consultant and current VP, Inclusion Strategy, at Netflix

What are we doing?

One of our first steps in the company was to foster gender equality. We have adopted the  United Nations Principles of Women’s Empowerment and, as part of our training program, we hold awareness sessions with our workforce on best practices that promote equality. Externally, we have an initiative that boosts STEM programs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics, for its acronym in English) among young women by showing them that a career is not about gender.

It is worth to mention that this commitment goes beyond being at the forefront, since we intend that everyone in the company feels valued and respected regardless of personality features, beliefs, preferences, nationality, among other things. Therefore, since 2019, progress as a group has been identified in various fields, such as diversity and inclusion, and also long-term commitments have been established.

How will we continue to go ahead?

In addition to continue measuring progress through surveys among people in the company, we will work on actions that will lead us to achieve goals like the following:

  • 30% of women in leadership positions in the group in 2025.
  • Employee training in diversity and inclusion.
  • Developing products and services focused on diversity and inclusion.

To be the company employees deserve, it is necessary to foster actions like these, with which we ensure that diversity – the set of characteristics that make people unique – as well as the way in which we value such characteristics go hand in hand to create a healthier and more reliable work environment.

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