The Ceremonial Center of San Jeronimo opens its doors in Mochicahui

About five thousand people can now enjoy the ceremonial center of San Jeronimo in Mochicahui, where meetings, special events and feasts are held to thank their saints. At present, there are 28 ceremonial centers in the state of Sinaloa, mostly located in the municipalities of Ahome, Guasave, Sinaloa, El Fuerte and Choix.

Aligned with community traditions and customs, the company contributed with the following refurbishment works of this center located in the Municipality of El Fuerte:

  • Leveling 4,000 m2
  • Building the enramada (arbor), according to specifications of the traditional indigenous government
  • Laying paving blocks on the 120 m2 of footwalks
  • Building men’s and women’s restrooms
  • Implementing hydraulic, electrical and sanitary services

The inauguration of this facility for the benefit of the mayo /yoreme community started with the jinanki (pilgrimage in mayo dialect) to carry religious images to the new ceremonial center, where members performed the Pacola, Deer and Matachin dances to celebrate the opening of the ceremonial center.

We have worked on the improvement and construction of roads, schools, sports and cultural centers, besides electrification, reforestation and rural infrastructure support in the communities that we have plants and farms. We have a strong commitment to the communities where we operate and thus we will continue to work on driving actions that will have a positive impact and contribute to sustainability.

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