Support for health houses in Tamaulipas

Iberdrola México will fit and refurbish health houses in Altamira

  • The purpose of the agreement is to refurbish and fit two health houses in Los Prados and Arboledas residential developments in the municipality of Altamira.
  • The material to be donated for both health houses includes air conditioning, office furniture, medical material, and general drugs.

Altamira, Tamaulipas, March 1st, 2021.– Iberdrola México, together with the Altamira municipal government and the local System for Comprehensive Family Development (DIF), entered today into an agreement for the refurbishment and equipment of two health houses in Los Prados and Arboledas residential developments, with the purpose of expanding health coverage for families in the most remote areas of the municipality, as well as those living under vulnerable conditions.

By signing this agreement, Fundación Iberdrola México undertakes to deliver 30 units of support material, such as air conditioning, office furniture, general drugs, and medical tools for both health houses.

“With a presence of over 20 years in Mexico, at Iberdrola we strengthen our commitment with communities near to our power plants by ensuring people’s wellbeing.  Altamira is an especially important zone for us; thus, we continue to closely cooperate with the municipal government to provide a better quality of life for residents”, said Jesús Lumbreras Cepeda, Altamira Region Manager at Iberdrola México.

“As part of the joint efforts by the Altamira Municipal Government and the private sector, we have signed an agreement with Iberdrola México for promoting development and improving the care of families most in need,” said Alma Laura Amparán Cruz, municipal president of Altamira.

Iberdrola México and the Altamira Government will continue to encourage family wellbeing through the strengthening and strategic support of health, education, and personal development programs, to positively impact community and citizens’ quality of life.

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