Iberdrola México launches conservation project in Fernandez Canyon

  • Over the next five years Iberdrola México will invest more than six million pesos for the conservation of Fernandez Canyon
  • This program includes restoration of the environment, work to improve the millennial cypress forests and control of exotic species
  • Local communities will be trained to regulate tourist activities in the state park

Ciudad Lerdo, November 14, 2019 – Iberdrola México, in alliance with Pronatura, the Durango State Government and its Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment today signed a cooperation agreement to conserve and protect the Fernandez Canyon, one of the most important natural reserves in northern Mexico.

The project will have an investment of more than six million pesos over the next five years and involve the coordination of strategies and measures aimed at ensuring sustainable comprehensive development to guarantee the conservation of the state park’s biodiversity.

“The Fernandez Canyon is one of the most important environmental symbols of the Comarca Lagunera (an area covering the border zone between the states of Durango and Coahuila) and provides the communities with vital benefits. This alliance reinforces the commitment of the different sectors involved – government, companies and civic society – to ensure the comprehensive conservation of this natural environment,” said Enrique Alba, CEO of Iberdrola México.

The Fernandez Canyon, which covers 17,000 hectares and is home to more than 580 species of flora and fauna, has been impacted by factors such as the lack of control in recreational activities, the arrival of invasive species of flora and fauna, erosion, overgrazing and failure to safeguard the natural flow of the Nazas River.

“We want to ensure the integrity of the ecosystems by preserving biological and ecological processes, as well as providing environmental services from this park to its inhabitants. We want to eliminate any threats faced by the Fernandez Canyon with strategies that will last long term to make the area sustainable,” said Adrián Varela, director of conservation for Pronatura Noreste.

Lines of action of the Fernandez Canyon conservation program:

  • Environmental restoration and improvement of the millennia-old cedar forests, through diagnosis, reforestation and maintenance work over an area of 600 hectares
  • Control of exotic migratory species through species distribution studies and containment measures
  • Training of community groups to provide infrastructure and equipment for the regulation and management of the park’s public usage by tourism

The fight against climate change, conservation of natural areas and sustainable development are things that Iberdrola México is committed to. With projects such as the conservation of the Fernandez Canyon, the company underscores its responsibility in ensuring the well-being of the communities it is present in.

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