Iberdrola México is committed to the health of its employees and the electrical supply of its customers

Aligned with our commitment as a group, at Iberdrola México we work under an energy model that prioritizes the wellbeing of people and the preservation of the planet. The COVID-19 expansion has led us to take extraordinary measures to secure the health of our employees and contractors, as well as the energy supply to our customers.

As part of our key occupational health principles, we encourage proactive behavior and attitudes that contribute to meet safety standards and culture, which has resulted in 8 years without any leaves due to accidents among our personnel.

At present, 75% of our employees are doing home office, while the rest of the team works in situ – at plants, projects or offices – where stringent measures have been implemented for weeks, in order to prevent contagion risks, abiding by health authorities’ guidelines.

These measures include setting up temperature checks at the points of entry of every facility, placing hypochlorite door mats to disinfect footwear, and implementing special change of shift protocols. In addition, we made changes in workspaces to keep safe distance (1.5 meters) among the personnel, continuous cleaning, and disinfection of facilities.

Simultaneously, we have promoted an intensive communication campaign about this new disease, its symptoms, the preventive measures taken by the company and the significance of our responsible contribution as a team to follow recommendations to keep us healthy and secure the country’s power supply.

Strongly believing that difficult times require great responsibility, teamwork, and solidarity more than ever before, we thank our employees and contractors for their daily efforts to continue generating energy that is friendlier with the environment on a safe and reliable basis.

Thanks to the Iberdrola People and our customers for relying on us.

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