Together with Solidarity Energy

Do you know what solidarity is and why it is commemorated? The following examples provide a good illustration: it is when one person helps another person cross the street, when they give a seat to a person who needs it in public transportation, among other cases. In other words, solidarity is mutual cooperation to achieve a goal.

According to the UN, our future depends on solidarity, and to keep this in mind it declared August 31 International Human Solidarity Day to “celebrate unity in diversity”[1], raise awareness in society about its importance as a universal value and encourage debate on ways to promote it, in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

For more than 20 years, the company in Mexico has been driven by the desire to help and contribute to the social development of the communities we operate in, and we rolled up our sleeves to make this possible through programs and volunteer work in which our Iberdrola People performs an active role.

Progress on the 2030 agenda is constant and we are confident that we will achieve it with the joint efforts of governments, the private sector and civil society.

Solidarity as a team is best!


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