Iberdrola México opens call for master’s degree scholarships in Mexico or Spain

  • Scholarships for Mexican or foreigners residing in Mexico for the school year 2022-2024
  • Applications will be received from February 1st to March 31. Selected parties will be notified on June 12, 2022.
  • The offer includes 15 master’s degree scholarships in six specialties, including Electric Industry, Data Science, Administration and Finance.
  • Since the beginning of the program, the company has granted 40 master’s degree scholarships to young people in Mexico.

Mexico, February 1,  2022.-

Today, Iberdrola México opened a new call of its scholarship program for 15 Mexicans or foreigners residing in the country to study a master’s degree in Mexico or in Spain during the school year 2022-2024, with the purpose of contributing to an excellent education among youngsters and facilitate their access to their first job.

Applications to participate in the selection process that will take place February 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022 will be received through the website https://www.iberdrolamexico.com/empleo-y-talento/programa-de-becas/. People selected will be notified by electronic mail on June 12,  2022.

“At Iberdrola México, we are aware of the importance of helping in the country’s development by preparing young people. As a company that carries innovation and progress in its DNA, we are sure that students receiving these scholarships will have better opportunities to grow professionally and drive Mexico’s growth”, Enrique Salazar, director of Human Resources at Iberdrola México, pointed out.

The areas of expertise that candidates may choose to study are master’s degree in Energy Engineering, Administration and Finance, Electric Industry, Corporate Law, Data Sciences, and Human Capital at prestigious universities like:  

§  Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

§  Universidad Anáhuac

§  Universidad Panamericana

§  Universidad La Salle

§  Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

§  Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

The scholarship will cover the enrolment fee and a monthly economic endowment to meet transportation, subsistence, accommodation and school expenses based on the duration of each curriculum.

Since the beginning of this program in 2016, Iberdrola México has granted 40 master’s degree scholarship, thus strengthening its commitment to the country’s young talent who having access to better education opportunities could contribute further to Mexico’s sustainable development.

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