Global companies visit Iberdrola México’s photovoltaic solar plant

  • Directors of the Consejo de Empresas Globales visited the Cuyoaco solar farm in the state of Puebla.

Cuyoaco (Puebla), March 6, 2023.- The Consejo de Empresas Globales (Global Business Council), made up of more than 60 large international companies operating in Mexico, visited the Cuyoaco solar farm, owned by Iberdrola México, in the state of Puebla, as part of their clear commitment to renewable energies and the fight against climate change. “The energy transition to address climate change is a global challenge that involves society, businesses, and governments alike. In the business sector, we need to step up our efforts in our drive towards clean and renewable energies,” said Alberto de la Fuente, chairman of the Consejo de Empresas Globales, in his speech. The visit of representatives from different companies included an initial presentation outlining some key details of the Cuyoaco solar farm, followed by a guided tour of the facilities to learn first-hand about the electricity generation process and the main pieces of equipment that make up a solar farm.

Enrique Alba, CEO of Iberdrola México, highlighted the company’s firm commitment to energy transition and its drive to offer its customers decarbonization solutions with products such as Smart Solar, which allows companies to make the most of all the benefits offered by a solar panel system at their facilities without this entailing any financial or operational risks.

“México has extraordinary conditions for generating energy from renewable sources because it has abundant solar and wind resources, which makes it possible to produce energy at very competitive prices while mitigating the environmental footprint of its operations.», the executive said.

After an investment of 177 million dollars, the Cuyoaco solar farm was inaugurated in 2020 and has 730,000 panels totaling an installed capacity of 200 MW (276 MWp).

The Cuyoaco photovoltaic plant produces the energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 168,000 Mexican households and prevents the emission of 190,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere a year.

Iberdrola México has ten renewable plants in the country – seven wind facilities and three photovoltaic plants – totaling 1,163 MW of installed capacity.

The Consejo de Empresas Globales is a business organization founded in 2004, currently made up of more than 60 large international companies operating in Mexico. It brings together their presidents and CEOs with the purpose of providing solutions to turn Mexico into a more competitive, productive, and equitable country.

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