What do you know about energy efficiency?

At present, it is only natural to hear or read about energy efficiency, but do you know what does it mean? It means doing more with less energy; i. e., optimizing the use of energy to reduce environmental impact. At Iberdrola México we work to ensure that generation processes do not require an excessive energy expenditure, while externally we work to encourage efficiency among our customers.

During the First International Conference on Energy Efficiency held in Austria in 1998, March 5 was established to raise awareness of the impact of excessive use of energy and certain energy production forms on the environment, as well as the need to look for environmentally friendlier alternatives.

At the company, we know the importance of energy for the country and the world: it is society’s engine. Therefore, through innovation we endeavor to offer alternatives that will allow us to reduce environmental impact and ensure a more sustainable and efficient operation.

How do we promote energy efficiency at Iberdrola México?

To conclude, when we speak about energy efficiency, we refer to everything we do or can do to save energy, either individually or collectively.

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