Working remotely, our volunteers stay in action

The worldwide health contingency has forced us to adapt to new ways of carrying on with our daily lives. Even though being at home may seem a hindrance to helping others, our volunteers at    Iberdrola México have proven otherwise.

According to our social commitment, Iberdrola México’s volunteers performed a series of recreational activities at children’s homes that allow them to connect with children and youngsters between 3 and 18 years old to deliver pleasant moments. These activities were carried out remotely because of distancing measures implemented in light of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico.

With technology on our side, we put into operation our Remote Volunteer Program and succeeded in connecting with kids from various foundations and children’s houses.

Remote Volunteer Foundations
Benefited institutions
Casa Hogar Yolia
Fundación Familiar Infantil IAP
Fundación PAIDI
Casa de la Amistad para niños con cáncer IAP
Fundación Quinta Carmelita IAP

Besides the activities carried out with these institutions, remote dynamics were held with Iberdrola’s Children, i.e., employees’ children who could have fun together with their parents and other volunteers.

This first volunteer stage was held for eight weeks with the participation of 34 Iberdrola’s employees, who held 33 sessions with children’s homes and 17 with Iberdrola’s Children, where together we carried out various activities – story telling, choreographies, guided drawings, mind games and physical activity with the purpose of creating an entertainment and learning space.

On Children’s Day, April 30th, girls and boys at the Quinta Carmelita Foundation celebrated a festival with games and prizes. Additionally, 2 workshops were held on the Environment Day where volunteers and their family members learned the benefits of having an orchard at home, how to take care of it, and its contribution to the environment.  One hundred seventy-five collaborators were engaged in this activity.

What is next for our remote volunteer program?

The second stage of our remote volunteer program has already started. Here, volunteers will continue to put all their efforts into telling stories. You can see them here:

Thanks to our Iberdrola People for demonstrating that distance is not an obstacle to help and spend pleasant moments! We hope to see you soon!

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