Entrega de mercado municipal en Oaxaca

Iberdrola Mexico rebuilds municipal market to boost Isthmus economy

  • The rebuilding of the municipal market of Santo Domingo Ingenio will reactivate the region’s economy.
  • This action will benefit 100 female shopkeepers and around a thousand people who visit the market daily.
  • The company also donated more than one thousand units of medical supplies to ensure good health and safety conditions at the site.

Santo Domingo Ingenio, Oaxaca. October 14, 2021. Iberdrola Mexico, in collaboration with the municipal authorities, has rebuilt the municipal market of Santo Domingo Ingenio, which had been hit by the 2017 earthquakes, to the benefit of 100 female shopkeepers who work there, and driving economic reactivation in the region.

The company and the government of Santo Domingo Ingenio allocated 2.2 million pesos for the reconditioning of this area – the municipality’s trade hub – which is visited daily by about a thousand people from the surrounding area to buy handmade and local products, such as typical dishes, cheese, bread or tortillas.

Iberdrola Mexico also donated more than a thousand units of medical supplies, such as N95 face masks and liters of antibacterial gel, to safeguard health and safety conditions at the site.

“At Iberdrola Mexico we are aware of the importance of public spaces for communities, which is why we are focusing on projects with a positive social impact. At all times, we seek to help the development of the entity and its inhabitants by creating programs that promote activities such as trade”, said Luis Estrada, director of Renewable Business at Iberdrola Mexico.

Meanwhile, Amelia Gómez Rios, municipal president of Santo Domingo Ingenio, thanked Iberdrola Mexico for the help the community has received through the company’s social programs.

“From day one we have worked with Iberdrola Mexico on different projects that have benefited our community. This market is more than 40 years old and today we are proud to finally have a decent market for the female shopkeepers; we know this is a project we longed for and today, thanks to Iberdrola Mexico, it is a reality”, she said.

“It looks great, with a new and more modern appearance so that people will want to come more”, said Mirna Nájera Sánchez, a trader at this market which was seriously damaged by the 2017 earthquakes but had not been repaired.

Rehabilitation involved work such as building the perimeter walkway, laying ceramic tiles on the floor, and repairing the hydraulic and sanitary system, as well as cracks in structural walls. Eighty percent of the workers who carried out this work were from the municipality of Santo Domingo Ingenio.

This work is part of the social programs implemented by the company in Oaxaca, the state where it runs four wind farms.

To support education, Iberdrola Mexico has programs such as Impulso STEM (STEM Boost), which seeks to promote degree courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics among young people in Oaxacan, as well as Construir para Educar (Build to Educate), whose aim is to rebuild 50 public schools affected by the September 2017 earthquakes.

In addition, some areas of the state with no electricity will be able to have this utility with the installation of autonomous solar systems, thanks to the project Luces de Esperanza (Lights of Hope).

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