Iberdrola México launches the second edition of Urological Brigades in Oaxaca

  • Surgery will be performed on 50 people with complex urological problems at the state’s High Specialty Regional Hospital in this edition.
  • Iberdrola México has earmarked a two-million-peso investment for this stage.

Oaxaca, December 8, 2021. — Iberdrola México, in alliance with the Miguel Litton Foundation and the High Specialty Regional Hospital in Oaxaca (HRAEO), announced the beginning of the second phase of Urological Brigades, a company program that supports vulnerable people suffering from complex urological problems.

During this edition, with a 2-million investment by Iberdrola México, a team made up by 11 specialists in urology will perform surgery on 50 patients and will hold several conferences and seminars for physicians, students and health staff in the state of Oaxaca on the various subspecialties of this branch of medicine.

“At Iberdrola México we believe that health is the key to development and wellbeing. With programs like Urological Brigades, we aim to contribute to the access of people in Oaxaca to decent health services so they can have a better quality of life,” said Luis Estrada, Renewables Director at Iberdrola México.

Erik Azamar, representative of Health Services in Oaxaca, recognized that certain groups in the Oaxaca population “have no opportunity to receive health care. Thus, the collaboration among Health Services, Iberdrola México, the HRAEO and the Miguel Litton Foundation means an opportunity for these 50 patients”.

“For us who have organized over 40 brigades, each one of them is a new illusion. We have not lost contact with reality, nor with the patients who need us and who we have come to support. Also, we have not lost values like friendship, altruism and, above all, solidarity,” stressed Miguel Litton, president of the Miguel Litton Foundation.

The Urological Brigades program is earmarked at benefiting more than 360 people in Oaxaca, mainly women, with complex urological problems in financial hardship for five years. During its first phase in 2019, eight specialists performed 71 surgical interventions on 50 patients at the HRAEO.

As part of this project, advanced urology specialization scholarships were also granted to Mexican public sector physicians. The first one was delivered in 2021 to Dr Edgar Gaytan Escobar, who spent one month in four hospitals in Spain to broaden his knowledge and improve his techniques.

With these actions, Iberdrola México reinforces its commitment to Oaxaca where, besides operating four wind farms, the company constantly takes social actions to contribute to the development of the south and southeast of the country.

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