Winner of the international scholarship for specialization in Advanced Urology

Iberdrola Mexico grants international scholarship in urology to Oaxacan doctor

  • The selected physician will travel to Spain to perfect his techniques and expand his knowledge in this specialty.
  • This scholarship is part of the Urological Brigades program, implemented in Oaxaca by Iberdrola Mexico.

Oaxaca, September 30, 2021. Iberdrola Mexico, in alliance with the Miguel Litton Foundation, today granted the Oaxacan physician Edgar Gaytán an international scholarship for the Advanced Urology specialty, as part of the Urological Brigades program run by the company in Oaxaca to help low-income people, mostly women, who suffer from complex urological problems.

With this scholarship – intended for physicians in Oaxaca with two or more years’ experience in working in the public health sector after obtaining their degree in urology – Dr. Gaytan will spend a month in four hospitals in Spain, where he can expand his knowledge and improve techniques in laparoscopic surgery, kidney transplants, functional pelvic floor surgery and robotic surgery in medical and surgical treatment in advanced uro-oncology.

“Today, we need to have health professionals specialized in the surgical care of patients being treated for kidney disorders to help improve their quality of life”, said the Deputy Director of Innovation and Quality, Ministry of Health, Hector Matus.

“We are convinced that having accessible, quality healthcare is of the utmost importance for the people of Oaxaca, and this is why we created the Urological Brigades program, which enables us to develop the talent that exists in the area and help low-income women,” said Iberdrola Mexico’s Director of Renewable Business, Luis Estrada, during the presentation of the scholarship.

Dr. Gaytan, who currently works at the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de Oaxaca (High Specialty Regional Hospital of Oaxaca) (HRAEO), pointed out that the scholarship would afford him the opportunity to work at top level hospitals that attend specific pathologies. “The guidance of highly specialized personnel in these areas will reinforce and expand my knowledge of urology, as well as my surgical skills”, he said.

“This scholarship makes it possible for physicians of this specialty in Oaxaca to receive training in advanced urology and, at the same time, allows new techniques to be learnt to help the state’s population. We are sure this experience will be very beneficial in both ways,” added Miguel Litton Muño, president of the Miguel Litton Foundation.

With an investment of more than six million pesos, Urological Brigades is an initiative launched by Iberdrola Mexico in 2019 in alliance with the Miguel Litton Foundation, the Health Services of Oaxaca (SSO) and the HRAEO, with the aim of providing free surgeries to more than 360 low-income people in Oaxaca over a five-year period, as well as training physicians in the state through conferences and seminars on this specialty, and providing doctors in Oaxaca with scholarships for specialization.

During the first edition, held from November 23 through 28, 2019, eight surgeons from the Miguel Litton Foundation performed 71 surgeries on low-income people at the HRAEO, and the second brigade is scheduled to take place later this year.

Through ambitious projects such as the Urological Brigades, Construir para Educar (Build to Educate) and Luces de Esperanza (Lights of Hope), Iberdrola Mexico is helping to drive economic and social development in Oaxaca, the state where it arrived 12 years ago and currently runs four wind farms.

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