Iberdrola México donates one ventilator and over 36,500 supply units in the fourth delivery to Oaxaca

  • The company has donated more than 140,000 medical supply units to Oaxaca health authorities.
  • In total, Iberdrola México has delivered more than 1.3 million medical supply units to institutions throughout the country.

Oaxaca, June 9, 2020.- Iberdrola México donated one ventilator and 36,500 medical supply units to the Oaxaca Health Secretariat in the fourth delivery, reaching a total of more than 140,000 medical supply units, including surgical masks, N95 respirators, face shields, and medical overalls donated to the state.

Juan Carlos Márquez, deputy director of the Oaxaca Health Secretariat, thanked Iberdrola México for the donation, for being “one of the companies supporting us the most” and said that the donated ventilator and supplies “are extremely useful to both patients and physicians”.

“At Iberdrola México we are aware of today’s importance of ventilators and other medical supplies for the country’s health institutions. We will continue to support institutions in Oaxaca to face this contingency, which requires, more than ever before, to be together”, Enrique Alba, Iberdrola México’s CEO, pointed out.

This aid is part of a support plan announced by Iberdrola México, which comprises a 60-million-peso investment to contribute during the COVID-19 contingency. More than 1.3 million medical supply units have been delivered to several institutions, mainly in the health industry, across the country.

Additionally, the company has also distributed 6,000 packages of food and hygiene products to vulnerable families in five Mexican states, to aid during the economic crisis.

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