Apoyamos a la escuelas de Oaxaca

Construir para educar (Build to Educate): Reconditioning of schools in Oaxaca

At Iberdrola México we seek to become change agents by supporting the communities in most need, ensuring equal access to an inclusive, equitable and high-quality education. Therefore, we have put into operation the Construir para educar (Build to Educate) program, aimed at contributing to the reconstruction of schools that were damaged by the 2017 earthquakes in Oaxaca.

The first three schools with reconditioned facilities are ready to start receiving students and offering them education in optimal conditions. However, this is just the beginning of Construir para Educar (Build to Educate), since we have already started the second stage of the program, in which the infrastructure of five additional schools will be treated benefiting more than 400 students.

We are convinced that quality education includes decent facilities. Geotechnical and topographic surveys were conducted for the rebuilding work at the selected institutions, where we could identify the specific needs of each.

Reconstruction of these education centers will focus on sanitary modules,  walkways, classrooms, civic squares, perimeter fences and access doors. With the investment made during the two first stages of Construir para Educar (Build to Educate), we seek to promote a decent education as well as the region’s development.

This initiative is aligned to our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the Social Action pillar of Fundación Iberdrola México, directly contributing to the following:

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

We have been present in the state of Oaxaca for more than 10 years. Besides generating renewable energy at our four wind farms, the social aspect is extremely important for us, and this program is proof of our commitment to the region, together with other initiatives like Impulso STEM (STEM Boost), Luces de Esperanza (Lights of Hope) and the Urological Brigades, which contribute to the sustainable human development in the fields of education and health.

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