Celebrating with love and energy

We have recently celebrated the World Energy Day, a day full of love and positive energy because it was the ideal stage to remind us that we have a daily commitment to take care of the planet. Seventy-three years ago, this day was established to promote the responsible and efficient use of energy resources.

At present, our planet faces various challenges, and the sustainable production and distribution of energy is at the heart thereof. In fact, Sustainable Development Goal 7, affordable and clean energy, sets forth that this resource must be affordable to all, and the environmental impact of energy generation must be the least possible.

At Iberdrola México we look to the future. We currently have in place wind and solar farms that generate renewable energy for our customers at various industries. Processes ensuring a lower environmental impact have been designed and social projects allowing us to work hand in hand with vulnerable communities to facilitate their access to this service have been encouraged in our remaining power plants.

Below we tell you more about how our solutions work, which keep running due to our employees’ energy.

§  Wind energy

The force of the wind is an inexhaustible resource and the source of wind energy. It is clean, non-polluting energy, and replaces the use of fossil fuels.

§  Solar energy

Among the outstanding benefits of this inexhaustible and natural source of energy is that it does not produce waste nor greenhouse gases, turning it into one of the cleanest and environmentally friendliest energies.

    •     Combined cycles and Cogeneration 

After renewable energies, the most favorable means to avoid damaging the environment is the power generation process of a combined cycle power plant, since it produces less CO2 emissions than other sources and consists in the transformation of energy from natural gas into electricity through its two turbines – a gas and a steam turbine.

Furthermore, cogeneration technology is a system that produces electrical and thermal energy simultaneously. All the products of the energy production process, including steam, are used by the industry, which improves process efficiency and reduces production costs.

      •          Green hydrogen 

Green hydrogen has become the best alternative to reduce CO2 emissions because polluting gases are not emitted during its production, it can be easily stored and may be used as fuel for industrial and transportation processes, among others. 

And remember, every February 14, please stop and reflect for a moment on the actions you take to show your love for the planet. You can start by acquiring efficient electricity consumption habits. 

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