Safety and health at work

Safety and health are one of the main commitments to our employees. This goal is part of the vision and values of the whole Iberdrola Group and is at the heart of all our operations in Mexico.


Within our team, we promote essential principles of safety and health at work, which help us promote positive behavior and attitude required to reduce any kind of accidents or incidents among our employees, customers, suppliers or people visiting our facilities.

Regardless of our employees’ roles, these principles are disseminated and promoted in order to be applied to their work, contributing to comply with safety culture and standards.

We follow our processes, rules, and procedures

We foster health and wellbeing inside and outside the workplace

We perform only jobs for which we are skilled

We care for the others and work as a team

We think before acting: We evaluate and control risks

Zero tolerance

Our challenge is zero accidents by avoiding unsafe situations. Therefore, we constantly work on disseminating these principles among the people who work at the facilities of Iberdrola México.

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