Start your career at Iberdrola

The admission process of the interns and trainees program of Iberdrola México is open throughout the year. We seek the professional development of students in their field in their first job opportunity.

We are always open to receive talent from diverse educational backgrounds and graduates from any Mexican university. Our goal is to allow our candidates to take an active role in the processes and projects developed at the facilities of Iberdrola México.

Are you interested in joining us? Please, email us your resume and field of interest to*:

*For vacancies in this program, HR will contact the candidate if eligible for the available job. No confirmation or reply is required after information has been sent.

Programa internacional de graduados

They joined #GenteIberdrola (Iberdrola People) through the program.

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“My nine months working as an intern were quite challenging and of great personal and professional growth. I felt I was part of the organization from day one and I was received with open arms.”

Sofía Gente Iberdrola

“At Iberdrola México, we are always in constant learning. I hope to someday give back the knowledge I received from my coworkers to the new members of the commercial team.”

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