A good workplace

We maintain a firm commitment to our human capital – the key to our success. At Iberdrola México, we bet on a corporate model committed to our employees’ professional excellence and quality of life.


We operate thanks to the top domestic talent: 99.5% of our staff is composed of Mexican employees who enjoy benefits higher than those required by Mexican law.

Implementing good work practices is our commitment to Iberdrola México’s employees, including promoting gender equity. Women and men have the same professional development and growth opportunities in our company.

Regarding inclusion, we have an open-door policy for people with disabilities, therefore, their incorporation to or permanence in the workforce is not a restriction or impediment.

Furthermore, because reconciliation between workers’ family and professional life is important to us, we have flexible working hours and more vacation days than required by Mexican law.

+20% of our workforce are women


At Iberdrola México, we are open to receive graduates from any Mexican university. We are interested in having talent with diverse educational backgrounds and build teams of excellence.
We value international exchange in our plants and offices; therefore, we have a constant relationship with coworkers of different nationalities and the building of multinational teams in our daily activities.

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