The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which has broad powers and authority to administer and represent the Company, focuses its activities on the coordination and supervision of the direction, day-to-day control and effective management of the production and marketing of electricity through facilities that use renewable sources of energy in accordance with the policies, strategies, and guidelines established by Iberdrola México, focusing on those affairs of particular importance to the Company, as set forth in its Articles of Association [PDF] (The document is being prepared)

Furthermore, it entrusts the direction and day-to-day control of the Company to the executive advisors and directors, who lead and manage the production and marketing of electricity through facilities that use sources of renewable energy



The Articles of Association, in accordance with the provisions in the (Policy for the Definition and Coordination of the Iberdrola Group and Foundations of Corporate Organization) grants the Board of Directors the broadest powers and authority to manage and represent the Company, which coordinates and supervises the direction, day-to-day control and effective management of the production and marketing of the electrical business and marketing of electric energy and natural gas, in accordance with the policies and general guidelines established by Iberdrola S.A. and by the subholding company in the energy sector in Mexico, Iberdrola México, S.A. de C.V.

External Consultant

In accordance with the provisions in Article 25 of the Company’s Articles of Association, external consultants shall be appointed according to their personal and professional conditions and shall be allowed to perform their functions without being conditioned by relations with the Company, with any other Group’s company or with the consultants, main shareholders or directors of the same.


The consultants are subject to the general obligations, legal duties, articles, and ethical guidelines established in the Company’s Corporate Governance System.

Corporate Interest

The Board of Directors performs its duties and competences with a unified purpose, independent discretion and fidelity to the corporate interest, understood as the purpose of the Company, directed toward the sustainable pursuit of the corporate goals and the value created through long-term benefits to the Group and its shareholders, taking into consideration the stakeholders related to the entrepreneurial activity of the Company, its state of affairs and, especially, the legitimate interests of the different communities and territories where it acts and of their workers.

Relations with Third Parties

The Board of Directors ensures that in relations with other parties, the Company respects laws and regulations, fulfills in good faith its duties and contracts, respects the uses and good practices of the sectors and territories where it carries out its activities and observes any additional principles of social responsibility voluntarily accepted.

Name Position
Armando Martínez Martínez [In process] Chairman & Dominical spokesperson
José Enrique Alba Carcelén [PDF] Executive director & chief executive officer
Juan Gaspar Pardo de Santayana Montes [PDF] Dominical spokesperson
Daniel Alcaín López [In process] Dominical spokesperson
Gerardo Codes Calatrava [In process] Dominical spokesperson
Javier Díez de Polanco [PDF] Independiente spokesperson
José Antonio Lozano Díez [In process] Independiente spokesperson
Eugenia Solana Morales [PDF] Independiente spokesperson
Vicente Noguera Hernández [PDF] Secretary
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