Iberdrola México’s keys to responsible power generation

  • Human capital as a priority

Iberdrola México’s energy are its employees: the Iberdrola People. Besides a good work environment, we pursue a balance between the personal and working life of our employees by encouraging inclusion and equity values that are reflected both internally and externally.

  • Implementation of enhanced technology

We do more with less. Enhanced performance turbines have been installed at our combined cycle power plants including El Carmen, Topolobampo II and Tamazunchale, which allow for a better use of resources like natural gas and water. Also, with this technology, CO2 emissions to the atmosphere can be reduced compared to other energy generation sources.

  • Taking care of water

At Iberdrola México, we do not use municipal water. Instead, at our power plants we use treated sea water-brackish or residual water – which is processed at the company’s own treatment plants allowing it to be used up to six cycles.

Regarding brackish or residual water, we use water available in rivers or seas, which subsequently return in the same conditions without impacting ecosystems. This process has served particularly for the recovery of a mangrove in Altamira, Tamaulipas.

  • Respect for ecosystems

At the company we have environmental and biological experts who assess areas where a project will be developed in order to avoid any damage to the flora and fauna. Therefore, a program for the relocation of species under rules set forth by the relevant authorities is implemented. With these actions we ensure not to damage the environment and reaffirm our commitment to taking care of our surroundings.

  • Encouraging programs focused on biodiversity care and climate change combat

Besides implementing technologies that contribute to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere at wind and solar farms, we intend that our work will have a greater impact, like contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) including goal 13, action for climate, and 15, life of terrestrial ecosystems. Therefore, we raise our employees’ awareness with actions and workshops on the importance of these topics and, through Iberdrola México Foundation, we have put in place programs such as the conservation of the Fernández Canyon, in alliance with entities like Pronatura, which is focused on the preservation of a domestic species.

These are the keys that make us stand out as a company expert in energy and responsible for taking care of our people and the environment.

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