A February 14 celebration with energy

Energy is defined as the capacity to work.  In other words, it is a force of action. We celebrate it every day, because as a group we believe that it is our potential to succeed in having a positive impact on all those involved in the power generation process and those who use it.

We currently have 10 combined cycle power plants, five cogeneration power plants, two photovoltaic parks and five wind farms. This results in an installed capacity of more than 9.1GW, the equivalent to supply 20 million Mexican households.

Nevertheless, we are not actually defined by the generation of thousands of megawatts but instead, of what we do with our  energy. Throughout over 20 years, we have reached a workforce of 99.5% Mexican employees, worked together with local suppliers, and built partnerships with socially responsible companies.

An example of this is the power supply we provide to Grupo Modelo, through our PIER wind farm in Puebla. With the use of renewable energy in its processes, the company will bring its  CO2 emissions  down to nearly 365,000 tons a year, equivalent to removing  90 thousand cars from the road a year.

We have a presence in 13 states in Mexico and intend to leave an imprint in each one; so much so that we adhered to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth in 2030 agenda. By encouraging several social programs, we have benefited dozens of communities and mainly made them aware of the responsible work we do day by day.

This February 14 we celebrate the World Energy Day because it is energy that enables us to light up more than  30 communities in the Huasteca Potosina with our program Luces de Esperanza (Lights of Hope), which we will bring to Oaxaca soon. Additionally, energy is the resource we use to support development in the Southeast with voluntary programs, education, health projects, as well as fostering the study of STEM courses.

Our celebration extends throughout the year with the commitment to continue doing a responsible work for the benefit of Mexico, our people, and the environment.

World energy day

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