Our Iberdrola People adopt a grandparent

Energy for seniors

At Iberdrola México we seek to share the message about making the most of time to help others. And we have proved through our volunteers that we can do good deeds for others even from the distance with the “Adopta un Abuelito” (Adopt a Grandparent) program, enrolled by the Iberdrola People to spend quality time with the elderly.

Seventeen volunteers spent worthy time in this activity with 16 grandparents from Hogar Marillac A.C. and Casa Betti I.A.P. During the 73 sessions held – a total of 114 donated hours – we sought that Iberdrola People’s company and energy was felt by grandparents, who talked with the employees and took part in this initiative.

We would have loved to perform this activity personally, but the health contingency compelled us to look for alternatives. Therefore, accompaniment sessions were held virtually or by telephone calls. But the important thing was that participants in these meetings felt extremely happy and grateful.

“A very satisfying experience for grandmothers”

Juan Carlos Guzmán Guillén, Director of Casa Betti I.A.P.

Our volunteers were also satisfied; they were grateful for the opportunity to participate and spend a little of their time to accompany seniors with love and devotion.

“I liked the dynamics very much. I had the opportunity to share experiences, but mainly to learn new things and remember others I had forgotten.”

César Canizalez.

“A very good initiative that I believe brings a lot not only to those who receive but also to those who give.”

Leticia Mijangos.

The energy of Iberdrola México’s volunteers is used for many causes; this in particular, filled us with joy and we could say that positive energy was mutual, since grandparents and their talks left an indelible mark on Iberdrola’s People.

In 2020, we carried out the “Adopt a Grandparent” program for the first time, but it will not be the only one, we are already working on a second edition.

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