We put our energy together to achieve gender equality

Gender equality is one of the critical pillars of our business strategy and a clear proof of our commitment to society. Aligned with our values, we carry out initiatives for women to develop professionally, both in the energy industry and in the society. In order to create a space for dialogue between the industry and other experts in areas such as communication, we held the second Women with Energy Forum where ideas for  gender equality and inclusion were exchanged. At this event, Enrique Alba, Iberdrola’s México CEO, talked about the company’s commitment with its employees. “We are committed to the implementation of active policies for all women to be able to move into and advance in the electrical industry”, he said.

Adriana Valladares, PR leader, and  Katya Somohano, Energy Director at DEACERO, delivered two lectures about challenges and opportunities faced by the labor field at present. They addressed the attendants with messages on the importance of conquering spaces previously accessed by men only  and how the glass ceiling is broken every day.

During her lecture, Adriana said that gender equity depends on different aspects, including individual culture, education, and history. Furthermore, she talked about the range of opportunities that women currently have in contrast with past years. However, a gap still exists, but it is being coped with by offering the same benefits and opportunities for all.

Katya, in turn, focused on the presence of women in the energy sector. “Nowadays, only 22% out of 48% of the global women workforce deals with the energy industry, so it is important to implement actions to increase that rate”, she contended. It has been proven that when jobs are opened in businesses on an equality basis, a tangible benefit is received by knowing different perspectives and making quicker decisions.

The closing included a panel of five experts who also talked about this topic. The panelists said that nowadays women have access to education and technology, which are tools that allow them to encourage their personal growth. Many of them said that an increasing number of business recognize that they can have great leaders capable of leading work teams.

These initiatives help us assert our commitment not only with our employees but to the Mexican society as well. We firmly believe that through gender equality we can achieve benefits for all and continue improving the quality of life in the Mexican society.

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