We celebrate biodiversity in 2020

We have celebrated the World Environment Day for 46 years. The subject now is biodiversity. Especially this year 2020 has made us think about the impact of our actions on the Earth in every sense, from every industry.

Can a company engaged in power generation help care for the environment?

The answer is yes, and anticipation has been the key. As a group, we are two decades ahead of energy transition to offer long-term sustainable solutions. This means that we opted for environmentally friendly energies that help reduce CO2 emissions, which translates into lower pollution in order not to affect ecosystems.

Nevertheless, in certain cases, our operation requires resources like water. We have also found options for this. We neither use clean water sources useful for human use nor municipal services. We have wastewater treatment plants at our power generation facilities and use treated water in all our activities.

Furthermore, we are convinced that creating an environment protection culture in society is appropriate for bringing about changes on a collective basis. In line with our commitment to the planet, we have held workshops on climate change in the communities where we have a presence, mainly in basic level schools.

Our staff in Mexico is made up of men and women engaged in these actions, including employees dedicated to study the land we settle in and the relocation of flora and fauna. This is intended to avoid damaging the habitat of any species.

We have also driven initiatives together with local authorities geared for different purposes: rescuing a mangrove and implementing a program to protect felines in Altamira, Tamaulipas, as well as preserving and protecting a RAMSAR site in Durango. In addition, we have worked with our volunteers to create pollinating orchards to preserve these species essential to life.

Staying at home need not be an obstacle to commemorate this day. We have organized an activity with our employees to grow gardens at home. We will plant lettuce, marigold, and basil seeds, which do not require specific geographical conditions to grow. Guided by experts and with the necessary elements to carry this out, we intend to raise awareness of self-consumption and of how small actions can lead to great changes.

The current situation has made it clear that the relationship between humans and webs of life must be one of mutual respect. And our commitment as a company is to be a partner to help make it possible.

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