We celebrate 7 years without absences from work due to accidents nationwide!

One of our main commitments is to take care of our employees, customers, suppliers and visitors at our offices, plants, and farms. To avoid accidents and improve work conditions, at  Iberdrola México we promote the essential safety and health principles with positive results to date. For 7 years there has been no absence from work as a result of an accident.

“On July 16th, we celebrate 7 years with no accidents causing sick leave. This reflects our organization’s commitment not only to the compliance of established standards, but also to go beyond the country’s safety regulations”, said Homero Ramírez, coordinator of Safety and Environment.

Iberdrola México has been granted national and international safety certificates that ensure the implementing procedures for risk assessment and thus reduce the likelihood of occupational illnesses or accidents. Also, we follow up reports on anomalies or hazardous conditions in the working environment and allocate human and material resources to prevent events that can lead to employee injuries.

Our occupational safety and health policy is based on prevention and promotion of health and wellbeing both inside and outside the company, as well as stressing the importance of abiding by the established rules and promoting the culture of prevention through permanent training of our human capital and suppliers, who are an essential part of our company.

Our employees receive training and education in occupational safety measures since they are selected. Also, our suppliers and contractors visiting our facilities have to abide by the safety policies and take part in training courses.

We intend to build a more electric, healthier and more accessible energy model by stressing prevention and working as a team to achieve safety for all.

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