We are working on bringing a positive change to communities and the planet

Taking care of the planet with the small ones

Our volunteers have embarked on running workshops in basic level schools to explain climate change and how we can stop the progress of climate change with small actions every day.

Twenty workshops have been given to children and youngsters since 2017, with the participation of 1,845 students, with the purpose of playfully raising awareness on the effects of human activity on the Earth.

The work of our volunteers has been critical, 45 of them have visited 20 educational centers in the places where Iberdrola México is present. These results show that the energy we have used to make a positive impact both on the society and the environment has been worth it.

Customers and suppliers working for a better planet

Furthermore, we want to raise interest in our customers and suppliers on the importance of integrating social responsibility as part of a company’s business strategy; in this regard, in 2018 we invited for the first time seven customers and 15 suppliers to a workshop dealing with this topic.

The foregoing allows us to better approach our stakeholders and thus develop synergies for future projects focused on community welfare as well as on caring for the environment.

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