Our social actions in San Luis Potosí

Tamazunchale, social energy in motion

At Iberdrola Mexico we seek to leave our mark in each region where we are present, not only through power generation in our power plants, but also through the social actions we perform for the benefit of the population and local ecosystems. From the construction of the facilities to the launching of commercial operations, we have implemented a number of social programs, and this is no exception in Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosí, where we are currently working on the expansion of the combined cycle plant, or as it is known locally, “the thermoelectric plant”.

Luces de Esperanza (Lights of Hope)

In 2019 we began work on this social program in which we used solar panels to bring electricity to 48 homes and two community centers that did not have access to electricity because of their geographic location. The second phase of Luces de Esperanza began in March 2021, bringing electricity to 100 homes and a health center. This program focused on 41 communities in the municipalities of San Martín Chalchicuautla, Matlapa, Tampacán and, of course, Tamazunchale.

Social Work

We launched an ambitious social action plan in this region, including projects that will help more than 10,000 people. One of the main ones is the rehabilitation of roads and highways to guarantee free transit. An example is the repair of sections of the Mixcotla highway, between La Providencia and the Tecnológico de Tamazunchale junction, which began at the end of 2020.

The reconstruction of pedestrian sidewalks in urban areas and the surfacing of plots of land are other examples of works scheduled for completion in 2021.

At the same time, we are also performing infrastructure works in schools. We firmly believe that education is fundamental for the development of communities, so educational infrastructure is one of our fields of action. Examples of this are the reconstruction of roofs in the rural elementary school “La Revolución de 1910” and the Telesecundaria Cuixcuatitla, both located in this community.

Health is a very important pillar in our social actions, and our work demonstrates this, which is why we have helped refurbish health centers and clinics in the communities of Palicta and Huexco.

Energy for the Countryside

With the aim of helping to foster the development of the region, whose economic structure relies largely on agriculture, we launched the Energy for the Countryside program in which we train local producers in integrated management of orchards, pruning, making compost for plant nutrition and pest control. Through a series of workshops in Spanish and Nahuatl provided by a local agronomist, we want local producers to have the necessary knowledge to improve their crops.

Donations during the health emergency

In support of health personnel, as well as for the communities of Tamazunchale and the surrounding municipalities, we have donated more than 35,000 units of medical supplies and distributed 3,000 food packages to the most vulnerable people in the area.

All these actions are examples of Iberdrola’s commitment to Mexico and to the regions where our plants and farms generate energy. Although this region is not the only one in the country where we are carrying out social projects – we are doing this in the 15 states where we are present -, it should be noted that we have made a major effort to make a positive difference in San Luis Potosí and we are still going to go further.

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