Smart Solar: Innovation is renewable

At Iberdrola México, we have redesigned our solutions to meet Mexican industry’s needs by delivering flexibility in an ever-changing regulatory market.

By David Macías, Smart Solar leader at Iberdrola México

Smart Solar was created to help our customers avail of the benefits of photovoltaic systems, without the significant investments required by this type of projects.
Under the Smart Solar scheme, you can allocate an area that is not normally used, like your facilities roof, to bring down both your electric bill and your carbon footprint, without investing money.
This is a very particular solution. With resources of its own, Iberdrola México designs, builds and installs the photovoltaic system at the customer’s property while selling the power generated at their premises. In this way, the technology and financing risk related to the implementation of this kind of projects is conveyed to Iberdrola, allowing the customer to stay focused on its operation.

Organizations are seeking first to save energy and thus save money, but many are also concerned with the reduction of pollutant emissions. Some of our customers’ corporate goal is to use energy from clean sources and even generate it at their own plants.
Added value of initiatives like Smart Solar, as well as the rest of our solutions, is precisely to provide our customers with tools that will help them become more competitive, without an additional cost.

When I think of innovation in the Mexican energy sector I certainly think of Iberdrola. We are pioneers in renewable energies in Mexico. We were the first company to start supplying in the recently created Wholesale Electrical Market from our combined-cycle power plant in Baja California. We were also one of the first private companies to take part in Long-Term Bids as buyers.

However, my favorite example of innovation is clearly the integration of our power plants with nature, like the water cooling and discharge system at the combined power plant in Altamira, which has helped succeed in the recovery of the Garrapatas Estuary flora and fauna in such locality.

My daily work is to tell companies what we do and how we do it, and I am proud to know that I represent an organization that is committed to the environment, sustainability, efficiency and development of the communities in which we operate.
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