Quality is our hallmark

Today, on World Quality Day, we commemorate the fact that we are on a constant quest in our organization to ensure proper management of processes and resources in order to create value for society, as well as for our workers, customers and suppliers.

Our strategic plan sets clear, challenging and achievable objectives, which are a source of inspiration for performing all the company’s activities.

In 2019, we became Mexico’s first private company in the sector to obtain the Ibero-American Quality Award, which recognizes excellence in management, innovation and best practices by organizations in the region. This award is a recognition of the daily work carried out by our staff and of our commitment to ethics, society, the environment and efficiency.

Since its first edition in 1999, the aim of this award has been to recognize excellence in management in organizations and to stimulate the Latin American community, encouraging the development, self-assessment and creation of best practices, through excellence in the field of quality and competitiveness. It is also a source of inspiration for the daily work of companies.

Similarly, in 2018 we obtained the National Quality Award in the energy category: the first time it had ever been won by a private company in the energy sector. This recognition is awarded by the Mexican government to organizations that are national references in quality and competitiveness.

The current situation has shown us that quality is essential for economic and industrial development and, above all, that this growth is complemented by social action. Our strategy therefore also focuses on promoting welfare in the communities we are present in, helping the people who need it most and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the UN in 2015.

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