Our energy in everyone’s education

At Iberdrola México we have a commitment with the education; we believe that it is the best tool to face future demands. This has led us to drive initiatives that will allow us to have a positive impact in the communities we have contact with. We are advancing in this effort through a partnership with institutions that share our corporate values.

A clear example is Educación con Energía (Education with Energy), a joint work with Mexican Institute for the Educative Excellence A.C (EXCELDUC) seeks to promote ongoing education improvement by facilitating personal and professional growth of parents and teachers for the benefit of children and young people in Mexico.

Through these type of initiatives, we want parents and teaches to discover their potential, develop capacities and skills that will allow to train students to become autonomous and responsible individuals committed to community service.

Working with teachers, EXCELDUC intends them to recover their vocation and become motivated to improve their teaching strategies day by day, through dynamics and talks. “What Mexico needs most In terms of education is teachers learning to be affective and cognitive mediators”, said Marcela Campos, CEO of the NGO.

Furthermore, through workshops for parents we deliver a tool that will allow an improved communication with their children, since family is the core for developing children’s personality.

The importance of working on personal development, self-esteem and motivation both of parents and teachers lies in that they can establish a life project based on understanding and communication, avoiding violence of any kind. Therefore, the workshops address these topics.

Teachers Parents
·         To Be a Teacher: Through dynamics, teachers are reminded of their vocation and the reason they got into teaching.

·         Redefining Learning Processes: Teachers will convey their knowledge through recreational activities.


·         Family Project: Group work for parents to find out actions that can lead them to drive their children’s and their own personal growth, in order to discover self-esteem, values, and talent.

·         Preventing Violence and Addictions:  Designed to provide parents with tools and information of the cause and consequence of violence and addictions to be able to avoid them.

“Iberdrola has given us the opportunity to reach many Mexican children, so that they can get a new conception of how they can learn by enjoying”, Marcela Campos said.

Through Fundación Iberdrola, we will continue taking social action that will encourage Mexican education development in partnership with institutions like EXCELDUC, which demonstrate their commitment to children and young people in Mexico every day.

Beneficiaries of education with energy

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