Iberdrola will supply renewable electrical power to Grupo Modelo as of 2019

Iberdrola México will put into operation its second wind farm in the state of Puebla in the first quarter of 2019, which will meet a significant part of the long-term energy needs of Grupo Modelo and will help it reduce its carbon footprint.

PIER, the wind farm will have an installed capacity of 220 MW and will provide Grupo Modelo with approximately 490 GWh per year, under an agreement entered into in March 2017 between the two companies that are leaders in sustainable development.

This new infrastructure, which started to be built in September 2017, will help Grupo Modelo reduce its CO2 emissions around 365,000 tons per year, which is the equivalent of withdrawing more than 90,000 internal combustion vehicles from circulation every year.

The supply from PIER marks the beginning of AB InBev’s transition to clean energies to deliver on its global commitment to purchase 100% of its power from renewable sources by 2025.

José Luis Taylor, Director of Sustainability and Agribusiness, said: “This agreement with Iberdrola is a critical commitment for Grupo Modelo and is part of our global goal  to transition to renewable energy as a member of the ABInBev family. With these actions, we will seek to purchase 100% of our power from renewable sources by 2025. In this respect, we appreciate Iberdrola’s effort to achieve this project and renew with you our commitment to improve the environment and continue to promote sustainable practices for the benefit of the society in which we operate”.

The wind farm, located in the communities of Cañada Morelos, Chapulco and Palmar de Bravo in Puebla, will have 84 Gamesa G114 wind turbines, with 2.6 MW rated power, 80 meters high and 114 meters wide.

With an investment of $290 million dollars, the construction of this facility has been an important economic boost for the state of Puebla, resulting in the creation of over 500 direct jobs, the entering into more than 1,400 leasing agreements with local owners and the hiring of eleven Mexican firms to service the construction site.

As part of its support to the local population and in line with its social responsibility commitment, Iberdrola México has earmarked funds to improve local roads, educational centers and sports and community facilities.

As far as  the environment is concerned, more than 85,000 specimens of 40 flora species have been rescued and relocated, and more than 250 individuals of 21 different species. Furthermore, the energy company has allocated resources to the forestry fund of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) for reforestation efforts.

PIER, which has been developed together with a partner from Puebla, Impulsora Latinoamericana Energía Renovable (ILER), will be the sixth wind farm of Iberdrola in Mexico, after the commissioning of  PIER II (66 MW), Ventosa (102 MW), Venta III (102 MW), Bii Nee Stipa (26 MW) and Dos Arbolitos (70 MW).

Iberdrola is building another wind farm and two photovoltaic farms in Mexico, and in  2019 it will develop new projects that will allow Iberdrola to exceed 1,500 MW of installed capacity in renewable energies in 2020, contributing to the country’s goal to meet 35% of its electricity needs with clean energies by 2024.

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