Iberdrola offers scholarships to Mexican students hoping to study master’s degrees in Spain

  • The selected students will enter into graduate programmes in areas dealing with Energy and the Environment.
  • This programme seeks to assist in the development of high-level professionals promoting a sustainable energy model and working to protect the environment.

Iberdrola Mexico has granted scholarships to nine outstanding Mexican students to assist them in their goal to study energy and environment-related Master’s degrees at universities in Spain. These scholarships are a part of the Iberdrola Foundation’s International Scholarship and Research Grant Programme.

The young people who won the scholarships came from different universities across Mexico. They went through a selection process that considered dozens of recent graduate applicants.

The scholarship winners will begin their graduate programmes in the 2017-2018 academic year at renowned Spanish institutions, including the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the Universidad de Barcelona, the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the Universidad de Zaragoza.

Enrique Alba, Iberdrola Mexico’s general director, met with the students at a breakfast event and presented them with the award. “We are aware of the growing importance of study in the areas of energy, the environment and new technologies, and we are confident that by specialising in these topics in your graduate studies and with Iberdrola’s support, you will make a contribution to Mexico and the availability of more efficient and environmentally sustainable energy.”

Following suit, Liébano Sáenz, Iberdrola Mexico Foundation president, highlighted the “honour of finding in the scholarship winners a group of Mexicans who are taking on the responsibility of going abroad to better prepare themselves to take on the situations facing the country,” and encouraged the awardees to “take advantage of Iberdrola’s programme, which seeks to create professionals who look for opportunities to enrich themselves for Mexico’s benefit.”

Through this programme, Mexican students gain the opportunity to develop themselves as professionals of the highest level within the electricity sector, so that they can contribute to the development of a sustainable energy model that both satisfies society’s needs and promotes environmental conservation in Mexico.

Since its establishment in 2010, the International Scholarship and Research Grant Programme has contributed by strengthening Iberdrola’s relationship with national and international universities and technological institutes, especially with those involved in study in areas related with the energy sector and sustainability.

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