Recognition for our Business Management

Iberdrola México wins the Asia Pacific Quality Award

Iberdrola México was recognized by the Asia Pacific Organization for Excellence (APQO) with the 2020 Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) for its outstanding business management and for being a role model for other organizations.

The APQO invites companies that have previously achieved national and regional recognition to participate, as is the case with Iberdrola México, which obtained the National Quality Award in 2018 and the Ibero-American Quality Award in 2019.

“At Iberdrola México, we encourage innovation and continuous improvement in all our processes, and we seek excellence in all of our activities. That is why we are very proud that the effort of our team is recognized, and this recognition prompts us to continue improving and strengthening our commitment to efficiency,” said the company’s CEO, Enrique Alba.

The GPEA is the only formal international recognition of business performance or excellence. The program is administered by the APQO, which is a non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella group that brings together all the leading quality professional societies in the Asia Pacific region.

Iberdrola México is one of the five organizations in the Asia Pacific region and the only Ibero-American company that obtained the Award for Excellence in Global Performance, in the World Class category, which will be delivered this year in Perth, Australia.

Iberdrola México reaffirms its commitment with quality, the environment, ethics, and social dividend, as part of its organizational culture. Therefore, it works on the continuous improvement of its processes through innovation, as one of the main development pillars.

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