Iberdrola México will rebuild 50 schools in Oaxaca that were damaged by the 2017 earthquakes

  • Iberdrola México will invest 80 million pesos to rebuild schools in Oaxaca.
  • More than 10 thousand students in the state will be benefited by the “Construir para Educar” (Build to Educate) program.
  • This year the company has launched social projects worth an investment of over 100 million pesos.

Mexico City, December 4, 2019.- Today Iberdrola México introduced its project “Construir para Educar” (Build to Educate) in which 80 million pesos will be invested during the next 5 years to rebuild 50 schools from the state of Oaxaca, damaged by the September 2017.
This project was announced by Iberdrola México’ s CEO, Enrique Alba, in an event with the participation of Alfonso Romo, Head of the Office of the Presidency, Alejandro Murat , Governor of Oaxaca, and Francisco Cervantes, President of the CONCAMIN.
“At Iberdrola México we firmly believe that education is critical to the development of the southeastern region. Therefore, the private sector must help the public sector to succeed in getting all the children in Oaxaca back to school as soon as possible”, said Alba.
“This type of initiatives – which involve the public and private sector and the civil society – are critical to drive Mexicans’ economic growth and wellbeing”, said Alfonso Romo.
Meanwhile, Governor Alejandro Murat asserted its commitment to children and education in Oaxaca, after admitting that there is much work to be done to reestablish the educational infrastructure in the state. “This effort, together with Iberdrola México, will allow 10,000 students to go back to school and continue with a good quality education in suitable spaces”, he explained.
The earthquakes that occurred on September 7 and 19, 2017, caused damage to more than 4 thousand schools in the State of Oaxaca, and only 45 % of them have been built, according to Oaxaca´s Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure (IOCIFED).
The first stage of the “Build to Educate” program includes the reconditioning of five schools in the Ciudad Ixtepec, Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, and Juchitán de Zaragoza municipalities in 2020.
This program builds on the Impulso STEM (STEM Boost) and Urological Brigades projects that have been recently launched by Iberdrola México in the State of Oaxaca, where it has been present for over ten years and operates four wind farms.
STEM Boost aims at strengthening training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields and driving young people in Oaxaca to study engineering, while the Urological Brigades will benefit with free surgeries 360 low-income people, mostly women suffering from complex urological conditions.
Francisco Cervantes pointed out that these three projects – with an overall investment of more than 100 million pesos – are part of the company’s efforts to support the Oaxaca Pact driven by the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and CONCAMIN to trigger growth in the country’s southeastern region.

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