Iberdrola México promote educational development in Durango

  • The “Educación con Energía” (Education with Energy) program has benefited over 45,000 people nationwide.

Gómez Palacio, June 6, 2019.- Iberdrola México with the support of the Instituto Mexicano para la Excelencia Educativa A.C., the Ministry of Education in Durango and the Municipality of Gómez Palacio, introduced the first generation of “Educación con Energía”, a program providing comprehensive workshops for students, parents, and teachers in fields like science, caring the environment, and personal growth.In the first stage, the project directly benefited more than 350 students, teachers and parents and indirectly benefited 10,000 residents –Iberdrola México Foundation expects to exceed this figure in the second generation.Tools and learning acquired by elementary-age children are critical to their future personal and professional growth; therefore, the Iberdrola Foundation, committed to the communities where it operates, works on projects that will have a positive impact on the human development of youngsters in Mexico.

“The ‘Educación con Energía’ project is part of the Social Action strategy of Iberdrola México Foundation and one of its goals is to contribute to gender equality, reduction of inequality, and the wellbeing of communities in various states. As of today, it has benefited over 45,000 people in Durango, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, Nuevo León, and Oaxaca” said José Juan Rivera, manager of the La Laguna combined-cycle plant at Iberdrola México.

This initiative creates spaces designed to reinforce knowledge from six perspectives:

  • Building my life– Students have the opportunity to create a personal life project that will help them improve their self-esteem.
  • I learn to learn– They acquire learning and comprehension tools to strengthen their interests and skills.
  • I like to read and understand– They learn reading comprehension strategies in order to better understand and find main
  • I learn math– They have tools to develop mathematical thinking and apply it in their daily life.
  • Enjoying science– Approaching science and technology through knowledge, creativity, and research.
  • I learn to take care of the environment– They learn about the protection of bio-diversity and the fight against climate change, among other topics.

The first stage of “Educación con Energía” lays the grounds to continue with this program in various states across the country, including Durango, and thus contributes to improve students’ cognitive skills and strengthen the social fabric by offering educational tools to parents and students in the communities.

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