Home office can be productive

In order to reduce Covid-19 transmission risks and ensure our employees’ health, we have implemented home office, which involves working from home. Currently, 75% of our staff contribute their energy this way to continue supplying our customers with electricity.

Although it sounds quite simple, in the beginning some people do not adapt to this practice because it implies reorganization of social, technological, and family dynamics at home.

Therefore, some beneficial aspects for the daily work routine should be considered to achieve family balance.

  • Observe your timetables

Home office does not imply to start working at the most convenient time. You must start doing pending work at the time you usually arrive in your office. This is the same for lunch and departure times. If they are not observed, performance could not be the same.

  • Choose the proper space

If you do not have a study or a special room for work, you should adapt a space where activities can be performed comfortably without distraction, besides having the required equipment and connections.

  • Plan your activities

A list of activities for the workday will help manage time properly. When possible, at the end you can list the tasks that have been added; this will be useful for the next day.

  • Avoid mixing tasks

When you are at home, you can think that work and household activities can be mixed. However, this can be a distraction and at the end of the day you will not have a balance between work and home.

  • Take care of your nutrition and hydration

Besides observing timetables and places to eat, you need to follow a balanced diet and drink enough water for good performance during the day. Avoid, as far as possible, food with high caloric content to keep the mind active.

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