Focused on our customers’ needs

By: Alejandro Arias, Head of Support, Analysis and Planning | Commercial

Iberdrola México is a company that deals with the satisfaction of its customers’ energy supply needs. At present, we work with more than 2,500 companies that trust us, because we do not only provide a service, but also guide and advise them on an efficient and smart energy consumption.

However, it is worth to wonder about how far we have come regarding our customers. How could we position ourselves with companies practically across the industry for twenty years to become a trusted energy supply option?

I am certain that that Iberdrola’s results are due to the excellent team of commercial agents who devote their time and talent to our customers. I must emphasize our team’s capacity to adapt to the needs not only of every sector but of every company with which we work.

Flexibility is one of the main characteristics that define Iberdrola México’s commercial team. Thanks to this quality, our customer focus is central to our customers’ experience and relationship with us. We have the capacity to serve hotel companies with constant power requirements, as well as metallurgical plants that operate at increased power at specific times, because there is a commercial agent present to take care personally of every customer.

Another feature of our service to be stressed is our business sustainable approach. Besides supplying fully renewable energy, most of our cogeneration and combined-cycle power plants are certified for environmental efficiency. Furthermore, one of the company’s global goals is the reduction of pollutant emissions. This is something we seek to transmit when we are hired, because our task includes analyzing pollutant emissions that would not be released by a company with our supply.

Our value offer is summarized in producing energy at competitive prices with customized care and the capacity to adapt to our customers’ needs.

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