CONCAMIN gives Iberdrola Mexico two awards: “Responsible Industry” and “Ethics and Values in Industry”

  • The Responsible Industry Award recognizes the company’s actions in the country to provide help during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Ethics and Values in Industry Award is given to organizations that apply the principles of corporate social responsibility in their operations.
  • During the pandemic, Iberdrola Mexico has donated two million units of medical supplies to public institutions and 12,000 packages of food to low-income families.

Mexico, October 30, 2020.- During the Annual Meeting of Industrialists (RAI) Iberdrola Mexico received the Responsible Industry Award and the Ethics and Values in Industry Award, granted by the Mexican Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN) and its Foundation.

The Responsible Industry award recognizes the organizations that have the best industrial practices for sustainable development and, in this year’s edition, also acclaims companies that have stood out for their efforts to assist and help the country during the COVID-19 emergency.

“For Iberdrola Mexico, it is an honor to receive this recognition. As a company with more than 20 years in the country, we take on the commitment to actively help the public sector and the people most in need to face the pandemic through donations of medical supplies and packages of food. We are convinced that the sum of efforts and teamwork will allow us to move forward as the great country that we are,” said the company’s CEO, Enrique Alba.

In addition, in the multinational companies category, the company obtained the Ethics and Values in Industry Award, with which CONCAMIN recognizes the efforts of chambers, associations and companies that are successfully applying the principles of corporate social responsibility in their operations.

“At Iberdrola Mexico, we pass our culture of ethics and values on to all our workers and all the areas we participate in as members of society. As a group, we have the responsibility of helping to promote economic, social and environmental development in all the countries we are present in,” added Alba.

As part of its aid program in the country to face the COVID-19 pandemic, Iberdrola Mexico spent an initial 30 million pesos, which was then increased to 60 million pesos in May. In total, the company has delivered two million units of medical supplies to 19 states in Mexico, including intensive care ventilators, masks, N95 respirators, overalls, face shields and bottles of antibacterial gel.

Additionally, 12,000 packages with food and hygiene items have been delivered to help vulnerable families in communities in 11 states in the country, including Oaxaca, Tabasco, San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon and Coahuila.

The company launched social projects amounting to 150 million pesos, mainly in the south and southeast of the country, centered on the reconstruction of schools in Oaxaca damaged by the 2017 earthquakes, the electrification of rural areas through solar panels in Oaxaca and San Luis Potosi, encouraging studies in engineering among young people in Oaxaca, urological brigades for women in Oaxaca and the environmental conservation of Cañón de Fernandez in Durango.

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