Clean energies- the change towards a sustainable Mexico

In view of this situation, the Clean Energy Certificates are an option to promote greater power generation from renewable sources.

Mexico’s goal is to generate 35% of the country’s power using clean sources. As of today, we have only 17% of non-fossil energy sources. Consequently, the Clean Energy Certificates are an option to promote greater power generation from renewable sources.

What are the Clean Energy Certificates and why they are so important to Mexico?

  • Clean energy certificates are the main instrument to achieve the national energy sources goal and implement technologies that will help reduce the carbon footprint in the future. They are used when any of these sources are utilized:
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Hydro-electric
    • Geo-thermal
    • Biomass

Clean Energy Certificates (CELs in its Spanish acronym) are certificates issued by the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE in its Spanish acronym) that help evidence the production of a given amount of electric power from renewable sources and comply with the requirements associated to load center consumption. In other words, they are requirements issued by the Government, in the form of certificates, with which companies acquire the obligation to use a given amount of clean energies, according to their size.

The entity in charge of evaluating the correct implementation of the process is the CRE, which operates the S-CEL platform for the registration of energy generation and consumption, transactions, as well as the verification of compliance with clean energy obligations. The use of CELs has brought significant changes in other countries where it has been implemented, like in the UK, where generation from renewable sources tripled between 2002 and 2011 as a result of its implementation. It has become a market instrument aimed at achieving greater electric power generation from clean energy sources.

As we can see, the CELs market in Mexico can lead to multiple benefits:

  1. Achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals by reducing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (GEI)
  2. Establish a legal framework that will allow to meet clean energy and emission reduction obligations.
  3. Attract new clean investments in Mexico.
  4. Advance compliance with Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. Achieve the national clean energy generation goal.
  6. Enable decarbonization of the economy.

As a qualified supplier, at Iberdrola México we are committed to offer more competitive costs to our customers as well as customized care in the process of acquiring CELs. We know that this is a key instrument to achieve the national goal to diversify energy sources and implement technologies that will help reduce in the future carbon dioxide emissions over the last decades.

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